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Marie is a true artist, believing that one never stops learning how to express their feelings artistically. She continues to educate herself, keeping up with the ever-changing art world. Primarily self-taught, her belief in ongoing artistic growth keeps her focused on improving her style to best convey her feelings about various subject matters. Marie was born in New York City and grew up in NJ, where she found herself drawn to nature and enjoyed expressing herself creatively. She also had a passion for working with children and decided to major in Early Childhood Education. Graduating from James Madison University with a degree in ECED, she began her teaching career in Virginia Elementary Schools. Married with two children, Marie and her husband moved to Gainesville, FL, in 1989. The next stage of her life was devoted to raising their children and teaching art at Gainesville Country Day School for 18 years. She understood the importance of tapping into children’s inner creativity, ultimately combining her love for art and helping children express themselves. As time passed, Marie’s children grew up, and she and her husband moved to Tampa Bay. After many years of teaching in a traditional school setting, Marie began teaching children part-time at Old Hyde Park Art Center in Tampa. This artist devoted herself to painting full time at this point in her life. Anyone can create art. However, artists set themselves apart when they can connect with their audience emotionally. Simply put, art should make you feel something. A true expression of art comes from within. Today, Marie’s art has a way of demonstrating the simplicity of loving oneself, never placing judgment, and having perseverance.

Marie’s work is available at art shows and exhibits in Florida, Woodfield Fine Art in St Petersburg, and Island Gallery West on Anna Maria Island.

Landscapes, seascapes, architectural and interior spaces, still lifes, and figurative subject matter inspire me to interpret what I see and find beauty in. I paint what resonates within me, what I feel connected to. I love vintage glass, barware, perfume bottles, and accessories from the ’40s and ’50s. I find glass intriguing; how it reflects and distorts its surroundings, especially in outdoor settings with “natural” light. I strive to capture and translate this visual play with fresh, vibrant colors, conveying the energy and life of glass onto the viewer.

About the Artist: Marie Rice

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is a non for profit organization for arts and culture in St. Petersburg, Florida. They drive economic development and funding for the arts, advocate for art and artists, educate at all levels, and facilitate the growth of our City of the Arts. Their goal is to make St. Petersburg a more vibrant, creative, and prosperous community through the power of the arts.

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Art is a significant part of our culture and society. It is used to express our thoughts, emotions, and desires. It is also a way of sharing the way we experience the world. We need to invest in our local arts organizations, artists, and creative businesses to continue to develop the next generation of artists. Please consider donating to help support future generations of artists. Thank you! Marie Rice.


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